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SABIC is holding a series of technical summits around the world to mark 70 years of its LNP™ product line of engineering thermoplastic compounds and copolymers. Following a series of events in Asia that began late last year, SABIC has initiated a schedule of events in cities across Europe and the USA.

(industrietreff) - BERGEN OP ZOOM, THE NETHERLANDS, June 11, 2019 - ABIC is holding a series of technical summits around the world to mark 70 years of its LNP™ product line of engineering thermoplastic compounds and copolymers. Following a series of events in Asia that began late last year, SABIC has initiated a schedule of events in cities across Europe and the USA.

The European leg began in mid-May at SABIC’s facilities in Bergen op Zoom (BoZ), the Netherlands. Over 70 delegates from customers in the Benelux region, Finland and the U.K. took in a series of talks on hot topics, as well as a mini exhibition highlighting key application areas for LNP™ materials. They also had the opportunity to hold in-depth discussions with the scientists and technologists behind the LNP™ product line.

Subjects touched on during the summit included ATEX solutions (EU directive for improving the safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres); alternatives to compounds in polyamide 66; advanced electronics solutions; e-mobility solutions; thermo-optical materials; additive manufacturing; and future technologies.

The LNP™ portfolio is manufactured at SABIC sites all around the world, in North America (where it was founded in 1948, in Malvern, PA), Asia, Europe, and South America. Brands include LUBRICOMP™ and LUBRILOY™ compounds (covering compounds that can provide wear and friction resistance); FARADEX™, KONDUIT™, STAT-KON™ and STAT-LOY™ compounds for conductive materials; THERMOCOMP™ compounds (offering structural and laser direct structuring capabilities); and high-strength long fiber reinforced VERTON™ compounds.

Principal target industries are consumer electronics, consumer & industrial, automotive, healthcare and mass transportation. Many products are developed in close collaboration with customers to help address their needs for specific applications.

“Across China and South-East Asia, and now in Europe, we have found that these technical summits are a great way to showcase the long-term dependability and innovation, as well as collaborative spirit, associated with the LNP™ product line,” says Joshua Chiaw, Director, Business Management, LNP, SABIC. “We are also demonstrating our commitment, as a leader in the industry, to customers around the world. We have already met with hundreds of people from processors, end-users and design houses.”

Arjan Gerrits is Senior Business Manager, LNP, Europe, SABIC. He says: “Talking with customers at the BoZ technical summit, I appreciate how customers value the LNP™ product line. This was a great opportunity to interact with them, understand more about what they want from us, and talk about how we can help each other grow.”

He continued: “The LNP™ product line has been a pioneer in compounding technologies throughout its 70-year history. But at these events we are doing much more than providing moments of nostalgia and giving ourselves a pat on the back for still being here. Our material portfolio can help address the design needs of a world in constant change, as well as the challenges that face us as we embrace the fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0 – 5G communications, the internet of things, a host of environmental issues, and so much more.”

More LNP technical summits are planned to conduct in Europe countries soon, starting with June in Austria and July in Germany.

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SABIC is a global leader in diversified chemicals headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We manufacture on a global scale in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, making distinctly different kinds of products: chemicals, commodity and high performance plastics, agri-nutrients and metals.

We support our customers by identifying and developing opportunities in key end markets such as construction, medical devices, packaging, agri-nutrients, electrical and electronics, transportation and clean energy.

SABIC recorded a net profit of US$ 5.7 billion in 2018. Sales revenues for 2018 totaled US$ 45 billion while total assets stood at US$ 85 billion. Production in 2018 was 75.3 million metric tons.

SABIC has more than 33,000 employees worldwide and operates in around 50 countries. Fostering innovation and a spirit of ingenuity, we have 11,738 global patent filings, and have significant research resources with innovation hubs in five key geographies – USA, Europe, Middle East, South Asia and North Asia.

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