IndustrieTreff - Dynamic billing for energy customers at Vodafone Innovation Days


Dynamic billing for energy customers at Vodafone Innovation Days

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Orga Systems showcases Smart Metering

Paderborn (Germany) 09 November 2010: Dynamic billing will enhance energy efficiency. Orga Systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, shows dynamic billing for energy customers at this year’s Vodafone Innovation Days. By showcasing machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, smart metering of multi-utilities will be demonstrated. A key benefit of Orga Systems’ Dynamic Energy Billing solution is the flexible configuration of tariffs, reflecting time of use or critical peak pricing. For energy customers a new mobile application “E.Cockpit” is presented. The application reflects current consumption values, energy costs and prices on request. In addition to consumption and cost projections, monthly billing and pre-paid energy are supported by the solution. This means consumers can constantly monitor and therefore easily lower their consumption while the energy provider is able to attract new customers by innovative tariff plans.

(industrietreff) - Bundling and integration of value added services
Based on flexible tariffs, demand side energy management can be introduced. This is to change consumption behavior of the consumer and to enable intelligent home automation services. As the energy sector is becoming more and more competitive, energy retailers need to offer attractive new tariffs and services. Orga Systems’ flexible tariff configuration and simulation features provide easy to use means to launch these offers and service bundles. The support of standard interfaces allows for easy integration into existing meter data management and utility CIS systems.

Dynamic pricing for volatile renewable energy
Special requirements have to be met in order to cope with the increasing percentage of renewable energy from volatile sources. To avoid negative pricing or grid congestion in phases of high throughput, demand can be stimulated by lowering the current selling price. This can trigger the storage of energy or temporarily activate variable loads in the household. Real-time processing of load and price signals between multiple providers, users and devices is required to ensure accurate prices. Orga Systems enables dynamic pricing for volatile renewable energy, which is configurable by a centralized rating engine.

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Orga Systems – #1 choice for real-time charging and billing
As the pioneer of GSM prepaid billing, Orga Systems has gained highly qualified expertise in real-time charging and billing.
Orga Systems focuses on real-time based solutions for customer billing and administration in mobile telecommunication services. It sets important milestones for the industry regularly to further expanded its leading position.
Orga Systems’ high-performance database, InCore is currently the fastest data technology worldwide with regards to access speed.
Mobile operators need future-proof billing systems which offer clear service and cost benefits.
The fully convergent real-time billing platform OPSC Gold guarantees their profitable growth.
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Eva Heumann
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Dynamische Energieabrechnung auf Vodafone Innovation Days
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